Sugar in Your Diet


How Reducing Sugar Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Food is the basic fuel that our body uses for performing numerous activities. While the body can convert calories into a form of energy, not all these food items with calories are created equal. Therefore, maintaining the right nutrition and a balanced diet chart is essential, especially if you’re working out to reach your fitness goal. 


While eating the wrong foods surely has a negative impact, a poor fuel that not only restrains you from attaining your fitness goal but also adds undesirable side effects is sugar. Although sugar can be found naturally in other foods like vegetables, fruit, milk, and grains, it does have other nutrients as well. 


However, added sugar is the extra calories that come with no nutritional value but only with harmful side effects. If you want to reach your fitness goal but don’t want to change your diet, there’s no way you can see desirable results within a short span of time. 


This is why Fitness Rockstars and Sean Casey, your online nutrition consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio is here to help.

Is Sugar Keeping You From Attaining Your Fitness Goals?

Added sugar in your diet can restrain you from attaining your fitness goal. Therefore, the primary reason to go sugar-free is to reach your fitness goal, especially if you want to lose weight, gain muscles, and attain a healthy system overall. Not only does sugar slow down your performance level but it’s also linked to several major health problems. 

This is why I recommend changing the diet at first whenever a person comes up with a fitness goal. These fitness goals can be unique and vary as time goes on. However, the common fitness goals usually revolve around weight gain, weight loss, performance, endurance, strength, etc. Regardless of the method, your diet always plays a crucial role. 

Here are three reasons why added sugar is extremely dangerous:

#1: It’s High in Calories

Added sugars are basically sweeteners that are used to improve the taste of food. This includes fructose, cane sugar, fructose, corn syrup, etc. Excess amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain due to being void of essential nutrients that our body requires such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you are not careful about the amount of sugar you consume combined with a lack of exercise, you can gain substantial weight which makes it even harder to get rid of; therefore, a small amount is okay but consuming too much can have adverse side effects.

#2: It Increases Blood Sugar

Here at Fitness Rockstars, the reason why I strongly recommend people to cut back on sugar is not only to help them reach their fitness goals but also to save them from unnecessary diseases like increased blood sugar, disrupted hormone levels, and others. Although people enjoy sweet food, it can cause serious harm to our bodies. For those living with high blood pressure and diabetes, too much sugar can cause serious health problems. This is why I take each case personally and develop a nutritional diet plan that includes limited sugar and more fat-burning foods such as grapefruit and green salads.

#3: It’s Less Filling

Foods that are high in sugar including ice creams, cakes, cookies, or candies tend to be less filling than others because they lack proteins. Generally, protein is one of the most filling macronutrients that regulate hunger. Since you feel less full, it naturally leads to eating more foods than it’s necessary, causing many to gain unwanted weight. This is the reason why cutting back on sugar is important if you want to remain fit and firm for the rest of your life and avoid any major health problems. Simply contact Sean Casey in Cincinnati, Ohio for the best weight loss coach and online fitness trainer that comes with years of experience and even WWE accreditations.

How Can I Help You Reach Your Health Goals?

Fitness Rockstars is a team of online personal trainers and nutrition consultants in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having experience in this industry, I have been providing personal training and nutrition consultation for a long time now and helping people to reach their fitness goals within a short amount of time. 

If you want to lose or gain weight or attain an overall healthy body, it’s time to consider consulting an expert like me. I would be more than delighted to help you reach your goal. However, it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and the right mentorship to attain proper health and nutrition.

Here at Fitness Rockstars, I make the impossible possible but don’t think it doesn’t come with some instruction and dedication on your end because it does. If you are ready to discover how reducing sugar can help you reach your goals, contact me, Sean Casey today and get what you came looking for.