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Personal Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is basically an overall reduction in your body weight that helps to provide a completely new appearance. During your weight loss journey, a trainer arranges and rearranges exercise routines as well as diet schedules to make changes to each component of the body’s composition including body water, fat, and lean body mass. 

A proper exercise and diet program for weight loss is designed to reduce the energy intake from food and create a calorie deficiency. An accurate combination of these will force the body to regain the missing energy, and it’s done by breaking down the body tissues that include body muscle and fat.

Difference Between Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Although weight loss and fat loss sound similar there’s a thin line between the two. However, in both cases, you are searching for a way to make a healthy change and bring an overall improvement in well-being. While weight loss is about reducing the total body weight, fat loss programs concentrate on losing stubborn body fat. 

Body fat is usually called the combination of all the essential fats that play a crucial functional role in the overall human system. There’s another type of fat known as storage fat which is a fatty tissue that helps to accumulate energy and reserve them. As the exercise routine and diet will be modified, this fat content will reduce. 

We have noticed that most individuals want to focus on fat loss more than weight loss as excess body fat may result in various major ailments in the long term. Since it requires a deliberate and dedicated approach to achieve the best result, Fitness Rockstars is here to offer a customized fat loss program to our clients. 

Why Should You Lose Fat?

Excess body fat can seriously impact an individual’s mental and physical well-being. Therefore, I prefer gauging one’s health by counting the overall fat percentage in the body rather than just their weight. If you continue to ignore the excess stored fat, it will lead to various chronic diseases in the long term. 

As a result of excess fat, I have seen people suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension as well as major ailments like cancer. This is the reason why here at Fitness Rockstars, we offer customized programs to help you maintain a healthy fat percentage in your body and reduce the risk of any diseases. 

How Fitness Rockstars Help You Lose Fat & Reduce Weight?

I know that everybody is unique, and it requires a personalized approach to get the fastest results when you’re on the journey to lose weight. In many cases, people cause major damage to their bodies in the process of losing fat and weight without knowing how it works. This can lead many on a weight loss journey to be disappointed.

Below are three main areas to help you lose fat and bring improvement in your overall well-being, 

We Concentrate on Body Composition

Rather than providing random diet plans and exercise routines, I concentrate on each body composition when anyone comes to me for fat loss. Further, I optimize each program by tracking the changes in overall body composition. Meaning, body composition is an easy and quick way to track your overall weight loss progress.

Develop New Habits for Eating

Our body is made of food. Therefore, food intake plays a huge role in reducing or increasing body fat as well as weight. When you contact Fitness Rockstars, we provide you with a customized diet chart to help you develop new eating habits and count your calories in a day. When you work with Sean Casey, you get the best.

Introduce Strength Training Programs

Research has shown that fat loss when coupled with strength training and proper nutrition can significantly reduce body mass loss. This is why we introduce every client to strength training programs and help them to increase their metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, you increase how your body sheds fat.

While those are three of the main reasons to choose Fitness Rockstars for weight loss, the most important one is yourself. 


How to Get Started With a Weight Loss Program

If you live in Cincinnati that’s a no-brainer, contact Sean Casey at Fitness Rockstars. We provide the best weight loss programs and offer above-average personal assistance for anyone who wants to lose weight and live a healthier life. To see how easy it is to get started with our weight loss services and professional help, call or contact Sean Casey today.