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Do you need to bulk up or slim down? Going to the gym and lifting a few dumbells won’t reap the same benefits as having a fitness trainer in Cincinnati, OH that will make a personalized plan for you, empowering you to achieve your fitness goals.

At Fitness Rockstars our driving force is you and helping you work towards the body you desire and deserve. While looking great is undoubtedly one of our goals, we also believe in creating a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond simply physical appearance.

Training yourself to eat, sleep and create a positive mental environment is as important as lifting those weights and will help you feel better. We offer a range of elite services, including personal training, nutrition coaching, fat burning, anti-aging consulting, and much more! Our next-level training will push you past your comfort zone, helping you overcome obstacles to make you the next Fitness Rockstar.


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A few words about me

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Cincinnati Celebrity Fitness Trainer Nutrition

My name is Sean Casey, I am a former WWE pro-wrestler, bodybuilder, and, anti-aging consultant with a passion for fitness and health. I care deeply about each of my clients and strive to help them achieve the goals that make them happy, confident, and strong while also enjoying the journey along the way. I continuously focus on modern approaches to break through plateaus and achieve goals. My approach is fitness from an overall wellness perspective. Edify, understand and execute. Every day after the first is easier. I focus on fat loss, body transformations, strength, and anti-aging consulting. With my personal and expert training course along with my nutrition consulting, you will be on the right track to a long and healthy life. I want to assist people in enjoying their health adventure while at the same time while smashing their goals.



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Personal Fitness Trainer AND NUTRITION Consultant FOR MEN over 40 

I’m glad to say I have over 35 plus years of experience in this lifestyle. I’m a man over the age of 40 and specialize in looking younger inside and out. I could just tell you about it, but id rather shows you from my own experience that I know the road to get you to where you want. 

We cater to men over 40 and specialize in anti-aging to help you feel and look younger. More importantly, through cell regeneration, we can help the body stay free of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers; diseases that effect humans when you have dead or damaged cells.   

Our Testosterone levels start declining about 2% each year after the age of 38, we have to take charge of our life to offset that. As a person who has suffered the effects of low T and hormone imbalance myself and going through the negative impacts it can have on your life; thinning hair, losing your youthful skin, feeling sluggish, offsetting your metabolism, making your bedroom life a struggle, and affecting your mood. It can cause you to not be your best self with your kids and family. That’s why you owe it to yourself and your family to get on a proper fitness and nutrition plan and get on the path to becoming the best version of yourself, to live a long, happy, healthy life. 

With easy to stick to customized nutrition meal plans along with learning healthy eating habits for your lifestyle. My customized nutrition plans meet your needs for the busy business male and female or just anyone constantly on the go, in Cincinnati Ohio. 


What my clients say

"Sean is amazing! He knows what he's doing and has transformed my body during my weight loss journey. Very specific to my detailed needs. Highly recommend!"
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"Sean is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I have never looked better. I feel stronger and more positive about myself. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape and be healthy."
"I needed bulk and muscle and Sean knew exactly what to do to get those results. He's very supportive and pushes me to go further and further. He has everything you want and need for a personal trainer!

Hard work always pays off


Got questions?

The time it takes to see results from your fitness program can vary depending on each person’s starting point. However, a general rule of thumb is it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks or more to see results. But do not be discouraged! Your hard work is paying off even if you don’t see immediate results on the scale or in the mirror. It can take time, persevering is the key to success.

Your diet plays a massive role in the overall success of your new fitness routine. Regardless of your goals, it’s critical to provide your body with the fuel and energy it needs to push through your workouts. There are so many diets out there, and when you boil it down, the selection is personal. My advice would be to focus on including more whole foods into your diet. If you want to do your best in your workouts, the nutrients you’re giving your body matter. While quantity can differ from person to person, quality is a must. Try maximizing fresh foods where you can.

When it involves weight loss, it’s good to focus on a full-scale approach. Regular cardio training is extremely good for increasing your daily calorie burn. Strength training will help you build lean muscle, which will increase your metabolism, helping you burn more calories at rest! HIIT is designed to get your body working at high intensities, burning lots of calories in a short amount of time. Finally, don’t forget about your diet, try to focus on healthy, well-balanced whole foods.

Adding heavy strength training into your routine is simply one way to increase lean muscle mass. But there are numerous methods to increase strong lean muscle tone in your body. Any form of resistance that your muscles should fight against that is more than what they typically experience, can help stimulate the muscle growth process. Completing exercises with your body weight or resistance bands are also powerful methods of training to build strength. Having plenty of protein in your diet plays an important piece as well.


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